About me

I’m a postdoctoral fellow at the Network Biology Research Laboratories, at Prof Noam Ziv and Prof Shimon Marom.
My current work focuses on a real-time close loop system between a neuronal tissue and external stimuli via computer control.

 Research Interests 

  • Time driven data and ways of incorporating them into machine learning.
  • Machine learning techniques utilizing self-organizing systems.
  • Harnessing computational power of spiking neuronal networks by utilizing properties of biological neurons.
  • Modeling cognitive activities.
  • Simulation of neuronal models for inferring an information flow in the brain.
  • Dynamic System: Liquid State Machine (source code) / Reservoir computing


How to reach me

  • Place: Fishbach Bldg. Electrical Engineerin. Technion.
  • email: Hananel@Hazan.org.il
  • phone: +972-4-8295089
  • Fax: +972-4-8295757

Lecture Notes

  • Advanced Seminar on Neuro-Computation – Spring 2010.
  • Advanced Seminar on Neuro-Computation – Spring 2009.