Sumsung S 4G – Sim Free

Sim-Free for Samsung S – 4G

This method was developed by XDA forums

First : 

I am taking no responsibility on any damage that happen to you phone!  This method works on my Vibrant 4G.

Requirments :

  • hex editor
  • Rooted phone

Before you must be root on your phone! If you are not root on your phone go be a root!

Step 1: Check if you are root already in your phone
Step 2: Go to dial program and enter *#7465625# , if one of the parameters is “on” continue with the instructions to have sim-free.
Step 3: Retrieve nv_data.bin file from the phone

  • use the “adb shell” from the SuperOneClickand write the folowing
    cat /efs/root/afs/settings/nv_data.bin >> /sdcard/nv_data.bin

Step 4: Mount the internal SD Card on your computer.

Step 5: Make a backup copy of the nv_data.bin file on your computer

Step 6: using your favorite HEX editor open the nv_data.bin on the sdcard jump to address 0x1469 , you should see a string: ff ff 01 00 00 00 00 there are 5 different types of locks

ff ff 01 00 00 00 00
should be left alone network lock network subset lock sp lock cp lock data lock.

Change any 0x01 to 0x00 (or 0x00 to 0x01 to lock for warranty)
save and close file

Step 7: unmount SD Card

Step 8: fetch back the file to the phone using “adb shell”:

rm /efs/root/afs/settings/nv_data.bin
cat /sdcard/nv_data.bin >> /efs/root/afs/settings/nv_data.bin
chmod 755 /efs/root/afs/settings/nv_data.bin
chown /efs/root/afs/settings/nv_data.bin || chown 1001.1001 /efs/root/afs/settings/nv_data.bin

Congratulation!! Now your phone is Sim – Free



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