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This project was completed in the University of Haifa in 2012 under the guidance of Hananel Hazan

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What This Is

This was our University project. We had to upgrade a basic Hebrew OCR program. This program was written in C#.

What This Does

This Program can recognize Hebrew and English characters, both typed and handwritten. It can learn the fonts from your computer or you can teach it your own Handwriting. It can read most image formats as well as PDFs.


  • Hebrew and English OCR.
  • Can recognize handwritten and typed text.
  • Can learn any font in your computer.
  • Automatically detects the font the text is written in.
  • Can learn individual handwriting. The more you use it the better it gets.
  • Has various image filters for improving the quality of the text image.
  • Is capable of best aligning the handwritten text for optimal recognition.
  • Can update font information from servers.
  • Can spell-check and correct the results.

Who We Are

Alex Hefetz                      Vadim Maizlin

21 thoughts on “Hebrew Handwriting Character Recognition software”

  1. i downloaded your project. i select an image containing handwritten characters. when i click the ‘get text ‘ button it asked me whether it is a handwritten. i choose yes, and also asked, which language is the text. i choose English. After that i didn’t seen any response back. it didn’t recognize the handwritten text. will you help me recover the problem?

    1. Thanks for using the software.
      First, the program that you downloaded is only the client side that do the pre-process, the real engine is the server side that not include in the setup file.
      You need to run the server (link is above), set the address in the client program to connect to localhost, then run the client to recognize a text.
      For more information, please read the user manual

  2. is the program still maintained?
    does the server work? I did not understand your server manual so did not succeed

    1. The server works perfectly, You just need to run both the server and the client together, then, set the address at the client program to connect to localhost server. Only then the client will be able to recognize a text.
      For more information, please read the user manual.
      The program no longer maintain, it serve its goal as a prototype and as proof of concept for a BSc project.
      Nevertheless, The program is an open source, every one can add features or can used as it is.

  3. hello i get the project but not have library reference Aforge
    what version use in project?

  4. Hi,
    I am having trouble figuring out how to use the program and I have read the user manual. I am on israel time, would you be able to help me convert a PDF of handwritten hebrew notes to typed hebrew characters in a Word Doc? Please let me know, I have been working on this for a long time and I would really like to have it completed by the last night of chaunkah because it is a chanukah present!

    Thank you, Raina Balsam

    1. Yes, it can convert your handwriting to Hebrew text, but it required technical know-how to setup the program and train it to know your handwriting.

    1. According to the Developer Manual, the port number need to be set both in the server side and the client side to the same number. For more information please read the manual.

  5. hey, i’m trying to use the software. server running and waiting for connections, ports opened in firewall and router, pinged localhost to no-ip, installed AForge.NET Framework-2.2.1, scripts create and train fonts ran.

    when i updating fonts through server dropdown i get “An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
    at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Receive(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 size, SocketFlags socketFlags)
    at HOCR.Client.SendFile(String fullfileName, Socket clientSock, UpdateForm CallForm)”

    or sometimes just

    Sending ‘netlist.nlist’

    File ‘netlist.nlist’ was not transferred.

    Update was unsuccessful

    thank for your enterprise an affords for this open source.

  6. Hello! I’ve downloaded and run both HOCR and ServerHOCR, but no matter what I try to check in setting, It doesn’t seem to connect or find networks.
    Could you please make more “step-by-step” instruction to running your application on a new computer?
    Information in the manual didn’t prove helpful..

    1. Can you please be more specific on what problem you are facing.
      Note that this is an old software that probably need a specific environment to run.

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