My name is Hananel Hazan. I am an interdisciplinary computer scientist specialized in biologically inspired computing and neurocomputation with a strong background in machine learning. Currently, I work as a Research Scientist at the Allen Discovery Center at Tufts University where I participate in various projects involving exploration of computational abilities in non-neuronal cells or other data science projects.

In my research I focus on the computational properties of neuronal and non-neuronal systems. I am using a reductional simulation to demonstrate their computational characteristics. These characteristics can help us build smarter algorithms and hopefully can advance our understanding of biological systems. Moreover, I strive to understand fundamental cognitive functions not only from the perspective of computer science and machine learning but also from the perspective of biology, neurobiology, and psychology.

Originally, my research journey started with projects on brain modeling, namely modeling of left and right hemispheres, data analysis of brain imaging, and a closed-loop system that utilized a brain-computer interface on a cortical neuronal tissue. Currently, I focus mainly on the emergent behavior of biologically inspired neuronal systems. In that regard, I explore biological and biologically inspired systems that intrinsically learn and adapt to their environment. 

My Research Interests:

  • Biologically-Inspired Computing
  • Neuronal and Non-Neuronal Computation
  • Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence
  • Emergent Behavior from Complex System
  • Learning with Noisy Information
  • Parallel Computing.

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